Introducing the B-Dawg® Stinger Truck Bed Extender, the utlimate solution for hauling oversized items in your truck bed.

Adjustable arms allow you to carry and secure virtually any load.

Strong bolts and lynchpin design allow for quick and reliable assembly into any 2" hitch


Few pieces for easy assembly and long durability. Flag is included.

Assembles quickly and easily with as little as two adjustable wrenches.


B-Dawg Stinger Bed Extender


Model BD-BE

The B-Dawg Stinger is a truck bed extender that is adjustable from 17" to 26" above the hitch, with an adjustable width ranging from 28" to 49".

  • Assembles quickly and easily and fits into any 2" hitch
  • Adjustable height for roof top hauling
  • Adjustable length for bed extension
  • Up to 49" wide support
  • Can be broken down to store behind the seat
  • Red flag is included
  • Removal and break down is quick and easy
  • Instruction Manual
  • Length: 52"
  • Width: 29" - 49" (adjustable)
  • Height: 17" - 26" (adjustable)
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 38 lbs

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